WARNING: Bloggers love to brag about their children, dogs, husbands, etc
and I have none so be ready for the most "bragging-est" post about my nephew EVER!
Halloween was a great time this year! Do you remember being a teenager and wanting to get as far away as possible? The family events you HATED to go to, the small talk to make with others. Maybe I was just that rotten teenager that hated all things not having to do with me, but alot has changed since then! I love more than anything spending time with my family... including this cutie above!
My nephew Kade was a blessing recieved my 8th grade year. He is such a cutie. He has the largest vocabulary, and loves more then anything his aunt. (ME!) That's right, he loves me and everthing I have to offer, from the quarters in my wallet, the candy I keep in my glove box, and my awesome skills in mario cart. Oh and when I purchase things from him for boy scouts! 
We started by getting on that vampire make-up you see. He was loving every second of it. This is the first year he has decided to be something scary. Last year he was Mario from the Mario Brothers. The two years before that he was a power ranger. I being the lover of scary movies I am, like to be something along the scary line of things. Me, I did not dress up for this escapade. Instead I just wore what I had been wearing all day. I didn't forget to bring a cup of hot chocolate but suprisingly it was ridiculously nice outside compared to some other years!
Overall we racked up the candy, had a great time telling people at the door "I vant to suck you blood" emphasis on the VANT. Get it? Count dracula? That is my little post about my cute ass nephew and the awesome family time I was able to indulge in. Happy Late Halloween!!


  1. That little boy is so cute!!

  2. You have every reason to brag about your nephew...he is adorable! And girl, you should see all the candy we have...it's out of control!!!!

    1. How many kids do you have Shanna?
      I am sure the more kids the more candy!!
      WHEW! I think this might be the "dentist" time of year.

  3. What a great costume! And yes we ALL love to brag!

    1. Thank Kristina!
      We loved putting all that make-up on him.

  4. Bragging is a part of blogging, lol! I'm your latest GFC follower, found you through the GFC blog hop. Would love a visit from you sometime!


  5. Aww your nephew is so cute! I feel the same way about Halloween bragging - so I just shared photos of my friends' kids haha. Found you through the GFC blog hop and can't wait to follow :)

    Meg @ http://myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com/


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